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magnetic butt rest,

Magnetic Attraction! The Ultimate Solid Butt Rest


FISHING IS SUCH A multi-layered pursuit that there’s always some area of it in which to do things differently. While anglers quite rightly laud companies who make advancements in rigs, bait and the tools we use to actually catch fish, there are plenty of other companies out there taking an innovative look at the other aspects of bankside life, as ND regularly demonstrates.

1. A solid solution The concept is simple, but it’s been very well executed. These are magnetic butt rests. One magnetic ‘plate’ is screwed into your Bankstick or buzzer bar, while the opposite magnet is strapped to your rod to create a secure connection.

2. Fits any rod The magnet that is attached to the handle of your rod is held in place with a stretchy rubber strap, so it can fit any diameter of rod handle from thin shrink-wrapped versions to chunky EVA or cork grips.

3. Powerful coupling These magnets may be relatively small, but they are genuinely powerful, especially when it comes to stopping the lateral movement caused by a surging run. When you come to strike into the fish, your upward lift is enough to separate the magnetic bond quickly and easily.

4. Much less bulk These magnetic setups are slimline and inobtrusive compared to traditional butt grips, making it easier to pack away your buzzer bars or banksticks into tighter spaces. The ND Magnetic Butt Rests are particularly small when compared to other butt rests designed to be rock solid.

5. Easy shopping experience New Direction proudly sells almost all of its products through Amazon, meaning you can get your hands on these butt rests within a click or two. And at just £12.50 for a pair, they represent decent value.

magnetic butt rest