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n1 bite alarm,

New Direction N1 Bite Alarm Review 4.0 rating


A friend recently gave me a set of New Direction N1 Neutrino bite alarms to test out and write a review on. I’ve had this set of N1 Alarms for a few months now; they are a unique and interesting set of alarms but are they the proper set alarms for you? This article will help you decide by diving into the pros and cons of these tiny alarms.

The N1 alarms have to be the most compact set of alarms I’ve ever tested. They are half the size of most alarms I’ve had my hands on and about 1/4 the size of my Delkim TXI-D Alarms. While it’s great to have a smaller set of alarms and less weight to haul around, the small size does have some drawbacks.

New Direction N1 bite alarm Main Features

n1 bait alarmLED Colours {Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White}

Power Button {Hold To Power on, Double Click to Change LED Colour}

Battery Type {Lithium-ion (240 mAh) Rechargeable Batteries}

The N1 bite alarms are a Roller Wheel style of alarm that allows them to be small and compact. When the roller wheel activates the sensor, it alerts the angler via a single LED light on the alarm. It also alerts the angler via the receiver with a light and audible tone or vibration.

Dropback Indication – Sadly these alarms do not have a dedicated drop back indication like most other sets. They use the same colour LED and sound during a take as with a drop back.

Take Indication – Blue, Red, Green, Yellow or White LED. (Each alarm can be set to any of the 5 colours)

It may seem like the N1 bite alarms are missing some of the standard features that other simple sets of bite alarms have, such as Tone, Sensitivity and Volume. This is due to the fact that all of these features are found in the compatible receiver that comes with the three-alarm sets. The alarms themselves only have a LED light for bite indication./p>

New Direction N1 Reciever Features

New Direction N1 Reciever

Volume {1 – 6 Levels Plus Silent Mode}

Tone {1- 6 Levels}

Sensitivity {1- 9 Levels}

Lights {Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and White}

Silent Mode {Yes}

Vibrate {Yes}

On / Off Switch {Low Profile on Top}

As you can see, the receiver on this set of alarms is the workhorse. It handles the majority of the indication. This is what allows for such a small and compact alarm. The downside to this is that if the receiver fails or the battery dies, you’re left with, for the most part, a set of expensive rod rests.

One very impressive feature of the receiver is that it can be used with any other set of alarms via the port for illuminated bobbins. One can purchase the compatible New Direction Dongles that transmit any alarms indication to the New Direction Receiver. I am constantly impressed with some of the innovations that New Direction comes out with.

N1 bite alarm and Reciever Set – Other Features

n1 bait alarm

Quality – The alarms and reciever themselves are made out of very durable plastic with compementary metallic parts.

Batteries – The alarms themselves come with smaller internal Lithium-ion (240 mAh) rechargable batteries while the receiver comes equipped with a Lithium-ion (1000 mAh) rechargable battery.

They Look Nice – A matte black exterior with different coloured LED lights, these alarms fit the bill for carpy looks. Half the battle is looking good out on the bank, and these do just that. Perfect for the angler going for the small, compact, minimalist look.

Locking Collars – These alarms do not come with locking collars. Instead they have magnetic bases that are compatible with the ND Magnetic Quick Release System. They do come equipped with a single rubber washer if anglers wish to attach them to banksticks or rod pods via the 3/8 BSF thread

Lightweight and Compact – These alarms easily fit in carry bags. Some alarms can be big and bulky and a pain to transport. This entire set with receiver fits nicely within one compartment of my bivvy bag. They also come in a sleek, compact and durable carry case.

No Compatible Port for Illuminated Bobbins – Most other standard bite alarm sets come with ports to allow for the use of illuminated bobbins. Unfortunately the ND N1 alarms have no such port.

New Direction N1 bite alarm Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to using a set of alarms such as the New Direction N1’s. Do the pros outweigh the cons though?


Lightweight and Compact

Compatible with Many Other ND Products

Multiple LED Colours on Each Alarm

Minimalist Carpy Looks

Innovative Magnetic Quick-Lock Base

Very Long Battery Life


Not Compatible with Illuminated Bobbins

Lack Dedicated Drop Back Indication

Sound Only Available on the Receiver

Rechargeable Batteries

No Visible Way To Replace Batteries

No Sound if Receiver Fails

New Direction N1 bite alarm Pros and Cons

In my opinion, the pros do not outweigh the cons and hence the 4-star review. These alarms have a lot going for them for being such a lovely little compact set, but they do lack some features that are a “must-have” in any alarm I use.

The Multi-Colour LED on each alarm is a feature I could see coming out on all future alarms. The ability to choose multiple colours on each alarm or match them, all the same, is a feature any angler would love to have.

The Magnetic Quick Release System is another feature I like. Being able to snap the alarms onto bank sticks or a rod pod within seconds would save a lot of time setting up and packing down on each session.

I love the innovative ideas that New Direction is coming out with, but a few improvements are needed before I switch over to alarms such as these.

New Direction bite alarm Pricing

The New Direction N1 set of alarms and receiver are more expensive than the majority of the budget alarms on the market and cheaper than other high-end sets. These are a great mid-range option for those looking for something compact and slightly different than what’s already out there.

n1 bait alarm

Although these aren’t the alarms for me, they could be right the alarms for you. Be sure to check out the full specs and range of compatibility with other products in the New Direction Lineup. It could end up being the right set of alarms for you

n1 bite alarm