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LIGHT THEM UP-Review from CarpWord magazine



New Direction Tackle Smart Light

RRP: £49.99

Online: NewDirectionTackle.co.uk

A Bivvy light is a must have item of tackle for the long dark nights of winter.There are several different options available on the market; however, in terms of features, none of them come close to the New Direction Tackle Smart Bivvy Light.The Smart Bivvy Light, as the name suggests, connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled wirelessly via a nifty app. Once in the app, the Light can be switched on and off, change its mode and the colour.New Direction claim there are over l6-million colour settings for the Smart Light, we find this hard to believe, but there are many different shades to choose from.Most anglers will stick with reading mode as this offers a bright constant light perfect for tying rigs in the middle of the night.If you own a set of New Direction alarms then the Smart Light can link with them and illuminate upon receiving a bite- perfect for those panic stricken moments.The end of the light also features a USB slot which can be used to charge your phone while on the bank.Power output is not huge, but it is enough to use your phone in an emergency.

As an added bonus the ND Smart Light comes with a few accessories as standard- it includes a carry case, charging lead, a metal plate and a goose neck attachment.The Light itself contains a pair of magnets, which when used with the metal plate allow it to be attached to the roof of your chosen shelter.The goose neck attachment is also very handy.It screws onto the metal plate and can be used to attach the Light to a storm pole or bank stick.The Light can then be angled towards your rods or be used to help your camera focus in the hours of darkness; a fantastic idea.The light will run for up to 200 hours on the dim white light and up to 20 hours on bright white or colour mode.All in all the Smart Light is an excellent product and is by far the most advanced Bivvy light on the market.