ND tackle Club

ND Tackle Club

We are pleased to announce the launch of "ND Club" a sponsored angler club for our most committed ND tackle followers.

carp fishing tackle


What is the ND Tackle Club?

ND Tackle Club invite only pro-staff community of anglers who are passionate about the newest technologies in fishing and who just love sharing their tips and tricks with others.


How exactly can I help?

If you have a passion for photography and video production within your Angling, along with your own Facebook page or YouTube channel, please complete the following form.

1)Sharing tips, tricks and how to videos, posting pictures on social media with you using our product;
2)Sharing news about ND tackle products and important updates on social media;
3)Helping anglers by answering their questions about ND tackle products on social media;
4)Giving us feedback on upcoming features, and suggesting new ones;
5)Supporting our marketing by providing high resolution pictures and video footage;
carp fishing tackle
carp fishing tackle


What benefits do ND Members get?

We will review the information you provide if you are approved, you will have the opportunity to join the ND Club to work with us.

1)Firstly, you will get everything we make (ND Bite Alarm set, Batteries, accessories, shirts, caps, etc.) before its available in the shops, completely for free!
2)You will also get a huge traffic boost to your social media accounts and website from ours.
3)You will get the opportunity to engage with avid anglers, both locally and All Europe, and you will be recognised as a smart angler in fishing communities.
4)Finally, you get to be part of an exclusive community of likeminded pro-anglers.

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Employer:* Website: Facebook page:* Youtube page:*

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